GINETTA - build services

Alan Fereday has been building Ginetta G27's since 1993. Restorations and completion of customer's cars have also been undertaken. The builds are acknowledged as being amongst the very best and a number of reviews are available, see, Everything else. Some of the builds are shown below.

I am currently seeking a customer to fund a G20 build. I am prepared to offer a very attractive price for the first example. Please note that a number of engine options exist which I would be very happy to discuss, see Zetec

Our first G27 demonstrator

Our first Ginetta build. Powered by Vegantune, this G27 served as our demonstrator until purchased by Damian Evans.

G27 Keith Baker

My personnal favourite G27, the Series III. Photo taken just before Keith Baker drove it all the way home to Edingburgh.

G27 Simon White

Simon White collects his Series II.


Keith Neaves collects his Series IV.

Ginetta G27

Paul shows John Regan how to pilot his Series II. John used his Ginetta as every day transport covering 35,000 miles in 18 months. He then took it to Sweden. John stayed but the Ginetta returned and now resides in North Devon.

Ginetta G27

Ginetta G27 rolling chassis fitted with Zetec 180.