Zetec engine

ZETEC - complete engines.

Available as 1.8 & 2.0 litre, 150 to 165 bhp.

Designed for kit car owners and classic car owners, this range of Zetec engines provides a reliable and tractable power unit at a reasonble cost. The engines come fully assembled ready to install. Please note that the engine is not supplied with a flywheel, clutch or starter. Please enquire about our throttle body injection systems.

ZETEC Club - 1.8 litre 150 bhp - 2.0 litre 165 bhp.

  • New Ford Zetec engine.
  • Raceline cast aluminium wet sump.
  • Raceline water rail and thermostat housing kit.
  • Raceline inlet manifold.
  • Weber DCOE40/45 carburettors and fitting kit.
  • Throttle potentiometer and fitting kit.
  • Air filters.
  • ECU
  • Engine wiring loom
  • Alternator and mounting kit

ZETEC 150 Club - 2995.00 plus VAT

ZETEC 165 Club - 3195.00 plus VAT

All prices exclude delivery and VAT.