Zetec engine


Zetec - the natural successor to the classic Ford crossflow.

We are able to supply complete engines, engines in kit form or just the parts you need to carry out your own builds. The engines are available from 150 bhp to 195 bhp to suit a wide range of applications. Induction can be carburettor or injection. We can provide all the necessary guidance on the current legislation regarding emissions, SVA and registration. Although our expertise has been gained mainly through our work with Ginetta, we have also supplied installations for Westfield, Silva, TVR, Marcos and Morgan.

We are agents for RACELINE and WEBCON.

RACELINE were one of the first companies to recognise the potential of the Zetec for track and fast road use. We are very pleased to have been associated with them since 1995 when we started to fit Zetecs to the Ginetta G27. Raceline are the only company to manufacture a range of castings specifically for the Zetec engine.

WEBCON are able to supply carburettor performance systems, injection performance systems and a wide range of engine performance components.

Special annoucement

I am now able to offer a brand new 2 litre Zetec suitable for retrofitting for 2095 plus VAT.

I am now able to offer a brand new 2 litre Zetec injection engine complete for 3575 plus VAT.